Pilot scale electrochemical plant to demonstrate the commercial opportunities of converting low cost lignin feedstock in high value biosustainable chemicals such as vanillin, antioxidants or polyamide.


  1. Electrochemical depolymerisation of kraft lignin to synthesise vanillin with a 7% yield.
  2. Electrochemical depolymerisation of organosolv lignin to synthesise mixed phenolic derivate oligomers with a yield of > 35%
  3. Electrochemical oxidation of biosustainable cyclohexanol derivatives to synthesise propyl adipic acid with a yield of up to 80%.
  4. A biorefinery process:
  • Capable of accommodating renewable energy fluctuations without loss in efficiency
  • Exhibits a 95% improvement in the energy efficiency of the process and 350% improvement in resource efficiency
  • Produce 29 times less CO2 than the conventional petrochemical alternatives. 

Value chain